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Q PU保护膜有什么用途?

PU adhesive protective film products have the following uses:

  1. Surface protection of optical products;

  2. Surface protection film during the manufacturing process of mobile phone lenses, polarizers, and LCD optical mirrors, the protection of liquid crystal display panels, touch screen manufacturing processes, and temporary carriers after the molding of optoelectronic materials;

  3. 3. Protection of display windows of mobile phones, PDAs, tablets and other electronic products.


Q 模切加工过程中要注意哪些地方

Die cutting processing refers to die cutting, according to a predetermined shape, through precision machining and cutting to make materials into customized parts of different sizes. But what issues need to be paid attention to during the die cutting process?

First, the plate and the plate roller are not closely adhered Since the self-adhesive printing uses the letterpress printing method, the resin plate is pasted on the surface of the plate roller with double-sided tape during printing. If the printing plate is not well adhered to the surface of the plate roller, the interface of the plate will be warped up, and the printing plate will be shorter compared to the die cutter plate. To solve the problem of die cutting processing caused by this phenomenon, the printing plate can be rolled after the plate is made, which is conducive to the printing plate to better adhere to the surface of the plate roller.

Second, the pressure of printing During the printing process, if the pressure is too large, the resin plate will be squeezed and deformed, which will cause inaccurate positioning between the die cutting process and the printing. This phenomenon is more common when the plate material is relatively soft. The phenomenon of inaccurate positioning of the plate and the round knife mentioned above is more obvious on electronic labels that require higher die cutting accuracy. Some labels have a tolerance of 0.2-0.3mm even with 5-8 molds. Generally, labels with low requirements for die-cutting accuracy are not obvious.


Q PU保护膜有什么优点?

PU protective film is a functional protective film made of transparent PET film as the base material, coated with polyurethane glue on one side, and laminated with a release film on the back. It is mainly used for high-temperature process protection of LCD panels, and shipping protection of ITO and glass panels. Zh Features of PU protective film

1.The surface is smooth and smooth, the exhaust performance is good, and the adsorption performance is good;

2. The adhesive layer has good chemical resistance, does not contain silicon, and has no silicon transfer;

3. Good bonding performance, high temperature without residual adhesive, stable viscosity;

4. Good weather resistance to general high temperature and humidity;

5. There is no residual glue or trace after sticking and peeling, and there will be no white fog;

6. High-transmittance material, guaranteeing high-definition picture quality;

7. Produced in the purification workshop, dust-free coating, high cleanliness, and excellent appearance performance.